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Resources to Assist Marshall Islanders: Marshallese

Marshall Islanders in Oklahoma

There are areas of Oklahoma which have communities of residents originally from the Marshall Islands.  Under a treaty called the Compact of Free Association (COFA), independent nations allow the U.S. military to occupy their land and sea territory.  In return, residents of said independent nations can travel freely between their home country and the US without needing a visa or green card.  Many people from the Marshall Islands come to Oklahoma to work for companies such as AdvancePierre® Foods. This webpage (created by the INTEGRIS Health Medical Library) has been created to assist INTEGRIS caregivers and the Marshallese patients they care for.
Visit PBS and
watch the video linked here to understand more about the Marshall Islanders who come to the United States.

Government & Other Marshallese Organizations

Other Marshallese Resources

Health Information in Marshallese from Medline
Health information in the language of the Marshall Islands.
COVID-19 Guidance and
Vaccine Information on
Hepatitis A
Meningococcal Infection
Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis Vaccines

WINCART - California State University
"Weaving an Islander Network for Cancer Awareness Research and Training" (WINCART).
Though designed for Marshallese communities of Southern California, this university webpage provides access to invaluable cancer information, toolkits, and videos in the Marshallese language!

University of Arkansas Marshallese Resource Guide
A webpage by the university library that contains information related to Marshall Island culture, sustainability, communication tools, and more.

Marshallese Language Resources


Marshallese Information/Resources in Enid, Oklahoma

Marshallese/English Translator - Terry Mote
For translation assistance, contact Terry Mote directly at 580-484-5311
Terry Mote is a Marshallese/English Translator, Public Speaker, Marshallese Culture Advocate, and works professionally as a Public Information Officer.  He is a trained Marshallese Healthcare Interpreter.

Marshallese/English Translator - Carol Simmons
For translation assistance, contact Carol Simmons directly at 580-484-4101
Carol Simmons is a Marshallese Interpreter and a Cosmetologist in the Enid, Oklahoma area.  She is a trained Marshallese Healthcare Interpreter.

Health Outreach to Marshallese in Enid (HOME)
"...the HOME Network project team brings together medical and social service providers who can serve as liaisons with the Marshallese community and who are able to address language and cultural barriers that lead to poor health outcomes for this population."  -HOME

Garfield County Health Department
The Garfield County Health Department has Marshallese interpreters available to their clients. 
Contact information:  (580) 233-0650
The department also offers fact sheet in Marshallese for head lice, mumps, and tuberculosis (scroll to the bottom of the linked page and look for "Marshallese Translation" in the list of documents).


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Sonya Palmer
Medical Library
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