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This guide helps users navigate library resources

Find a full text article

One of the best ways to find full-text articles on a topic is to Request a Literature Search.  The medical librarians at Integris Medical Libraries are experts at knowing which databases to use to find information on a topic.  Fill out the form for a literature search and a medical librarian will contact you!

Searching for publications on a topic?  Use the EBSCO Discovery Tool to search several of the Integris Medical Library databases all at once!

There are two ways to search for full text using EBSCO Discovery:

Basic Search:  Use the basic search to get a broad range of articles.  Search by Keyword, Title, or Author.  If you are doing a Keyword search, enter only two or three terms - EBSCO Discovery searches each word independently as well as together and you may end up with either too many results or nonrelevant results if too many terms are entered.  When looking at the resulting list of articles, choose "Full Text" from the menu on the left.

Advanced Search: Using advanced search gives you more options to choose from as well as allowing you to break up the search in different ways.  Here, you can set the database to only search for full text items as well as setting other limiters such as date range.

The Integris Medical Library pulls citations upon request and will deliver items to you attached to an e-mail (you may also request that a librarian send you a printed copy via interoffice mail or you may pick up the item at our Baptist or Southwest library locations).  Email your citation information to

To check and see if the Integris Medical Library holds a copy of a specific article, either electronically or physically, use PubMed's Singe Citation Matcher (please note that you must be on a computer accessing the Integris computer network for Pubmed to produce links to full-text items).  This tool uses whatever citation information you have available to find a matching article and provides information about if the Integris Medical Library holds a copy of the article. 


PubMed's Singe Citation Matcher can take a minimum of information and often match that information to an article - just entering an author and a year can get you a list of items that might match what you are looking for.

Clicking on the title of an item will take you to a page with information about the availability of that item.  There are two ways to check for a full-text link.

1.  Direct link: You will see one or more boxes to the right of the abstract.  If the article is free or available through the library, the box you see will explicitly tell you this.  Clicking a box will take you either to more information about how to link to the full text or it will go straight to the full-text of the item you want.





2. LinkOut: If you do not see a box indicating where you can find the full text of the article, or if you want to double check for a link, look right below the abstract for the "LinkOut - more resources" section and click on it.  The section will expand and offer a list of "Full Text Sources" if any exists.


If you have any trouble finding an item you are looking for, please contact the Integris Medical Library - we can help!