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How to ask for articles: Requesting Articles

Asking for articles when there is no Full Text

When you cannot find an article online

PubMed, OVID Medline, CINAHL, Discovery and other EBSCOHost products have internal request forms which go to the Medical Library; the forms automatically fill in your selected article citations but not your email information.

OVID’s request form requires your delivery email. 

It is imperative that you supply a delivery email in request forms; otherwise the request is Anonymous and cannot be filled

Here is a form to request articles in other circumstances.  Literature Search or Article Request 

Why ask for an article

The INTEGRIS Health Medical Libraries have electronic access to all or part of over 10,000 journals.  That is actually less than 20% of the medical journals currently available.  If you find yourself blocked by a paywall or at a loss where to locate an article, send an e-mail with what publication information you have at hand to and the library will retrieve the item for you!


What happens to the request?  The INTEGRIS Health Medical Library is a member of DOCLINE, an interlibrary loan system maintained by The National Library of Medicine and The National Institute of Health.  The library uses this system to ask for items from other libraries.

Why can’t I get this online?  The Medical Library can only subscribe to as many journals as the budget allows - if an article is behind a paywall, ask a librarian to retrieve a copy for you!

There are free articles on the internet.  Articles you find on the internet are often open source which means either the sponsoring university, society or association are absorbing the cost, or the author’s grant paid the publisher’s price to release the article to the public.  Another reason that some articles are "free" may be due to the fact that the item is a pre-published copy (which does not always match the final, published version), or that someone has violated copyright and posted the paper to an open website without the permissions needed to do so.  Beware using pirated material!  Contacting the library to track down an official copy is free to INTEGRIS caregivers and often has a fast turnaround.  Get what you need by e-mailing

Ask a Librarian

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