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This guide helps users navigate library resources

Renewing the Lexicomp Mobile App



  • Access Lexicomp:
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Lexicomp screen, find and click "Mobile Access Codes" 
  • Select platform and the type of customer you are (if you have the Lexicomp app already, you are a "returning customer")
  • Copy the authorization code
  • Log into Lexicomp account management ( with your INTEGRIS e-mail and Lexicomp password
  • In the "Add a Subscription by Code" box, paste the authorization code and click "Add Subscription"
  • Lexicomp will email you a PIN number to your INTEGRIS e-mail
  • Copy and paste the PIN number in the Verify PIN box
  • Click "Verify" button and click "Finish" button
  • Check your app to see if it is updated - if not, it may need to be removed and reinstalled.
  • Contact the library if you are having trouble -