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How Do I...

This guide helps users navigate library resources


  • Several wireless networks are available on different INTEGRIS campuses, including GUEST networks and INTEGRIS AFFILIATES networks.

    • INTEGRIS AFFILIATES network supports Active Employees, Physicians, and Long-term Vendors that only need Internet access with non-INTEGRIS owned devices. If you have access to an INTEGRIS AFFILIATES network (which utilizes a username and password) choose that option on your device to access the INTEGRIS computer network through your devices' browser.
      • If an Active Employee, Physician, or Long-term Vendor needs access to the INTEGRIS Network on a personal device, a  ServiceNow ticket would need to be entered requesting access to an INTEGRIS AFFILIATES wi-fi network.
  • DO NOT attempt to access library resources using the INTEGRIS Guest or IH Guest wi-fi.  This does not connect to the internal network and you will not be able to access resources.


  • After connecting your Wi-Fi, open the internet browser on your device and navigate to the Medical Library homepage:
    • You should now have access to all the library resources through your device's browser.

      • NOTE: This method only works if you are physically located at an INTEGRIS facility.


VMware is an application that allows caregivers to access the INTEGRIS Computer Network from a remote location. Library resources can be utilized in full via VMware by following these steps:

  • NOTE: This process works on home PCs, connecting from remote offices, and on many mobile devices.
  • FYI: A copy of these instructions can be printed by selecting the "Printable Instructions" tab above.
  1. Open a web browser on your remote PC or mobile device
  2. Type or click the following link to open the VMware web client:
  • FYI: This link is also located on the INTEGRIS web-page - scroll to the bottom of the main page and click on “Physician and Staff Login” under the TOOLS heading. On the next page, choose the VMWare - INTEGRIS Desktop (Web) link (the Web version of VMware is quicker and easier to use than the Client version).


  1. Clicking the link will bring up a screen asking for your INTEGRIS username and password (these are the same credentials an individual uses to log-on to computers at INTEGRIS facilities).
  • NOTE: In some cases, you must choose an option labeled "Default" after submitting your username and password.




  1. A remote version of your work desktop should appear on screen after you enter your credentials (and choose the default option if available)
  2. To access library resources, open a web browser on your remote desktop and navigate to the library home page:
  • NOTE: If The Source webpage appears when you open a browser window, you can find a link to the library homepage by clicking on the CLINICAL HOTSPOTS heading and finding Medical Library under Clinical Resources.